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2011 Chrysler 300 – Features With Lots Of Chrome
Friday Nov 2010 Comments 5

The 2011 Chrysler 300 is to be debuted at Detroit Auto show which is going to be held in January month of the next year. The photo shoot of the Car is already been broken, as spies found some latest… Read More

Ferrari Cars - Car of Fun not of Compromise
Monday Nov 2010 Comments 3

Ferrari is a motor manufacturing company which no one is unaware of, at least in the auto market. The reason for this is the popularity and goodwill of the company and the reason for the popularity is again the Ferrari… Read More

BMW 5 - A helpful Car
Monday Nov 2010 Comments 2

The BMW 5 series car was first launched in the market in 1972. The sixth generation BMW 5 comes with Sedan and Touring body styles. The name 5 series came into existence by being fifth of the ‘new series' cars.… Read More

2011 Chevrolet Volt Review
Friday Oct 2010 Comments 1

The 2011 Chevy's Volt is the most fuel economy car which is available in the market and is at affordable price. It has got fuel efficiency which is normal cost for driving, maximum range of mile 300, advanced tech cabin… Read More

2011 Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Monday Oct 2010 Comments 1

The new version of 2011 Toyota Highlander was the first mid sized Hybrid car sold in American market. It is good in fuel economy, can two near about 3, 500 pounds and seven seating arrangement for the passengers. The Hybrid… Read More

GMC To recall 4,000 2010 Cadillac SRX Crossovers
Tuesday Oct 2010 Comments 3

The Cadillac SRX is a mid - size Crossover manufacture by the General Motor Company from 2004. The GMC announced all the safety recall measures for its 2010 Cadillac SRX Crossover models. The recall was made for the turbo charged… Read More

The Portrayal of Volkswagen Company
Tuesday Oct 2010 Comments 0

Volkswagen is one of the top most leading manufacturer and producer of automobile in the world. This company was formed in the year 1937 whose head quarter is located in Germany. There are number of automotives produced by this company… Read More

The Splendid Structure of Hyundai Car
Friday Oct 2010 Comments 1

Hyundai is a company which is a dedicated producer and provider of cars on larger grounds. This is said because there are number of vehicles produced by Hyundai and among all the vehicles Hyundai cars stand at the top most… Read More

Toyota Cars Top Safety Honors
Tuesday Oct 2010 Comments 4

Back in November, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released news with headline as "27 Winners of 2010 Top Safety Pick Award." In the press release, they stated that only few car models from major automaker by sales could make… Read More

Nissan Cars - Style and Comfort
Monday Sep 2010 Comments 0

Nissan Cars, a Japanese company was formerly a part of Nissan Group of companies. Earlier, all Nissan vehicles were sold under the name "Datsun". Today, they have grown to become one of the powerful-most providers in the automotive industry. All… Read More

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toyota cars aren't as safe as honda and other car models , they are charging high pricing in Pakistan and compromise on quality, espacially the BRAKES, they aren't providing ABS braking in XLI thats why lot of injuries and accidents ....... why the big company like Toyota compromised on their brake quality?

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